5 Premium, Aesthetic Notion Templates for Students

Upgrade your school planner and notes with Notion

Notion is really popular among students, and it’s no wonder why. It’s a great tool to help you keep organized and productive during school. Here are 5 templates from our Notion Template Store to help you start this school year on the right track!

Students' Uni Template

This is an aesthetic template designed for any student, you can organize your university assignments, tasks, exams, and more all in one place. It will keep you motivated with fun GIFs and chill music, but without letting you get distracted!

Notion Student Pack

All the tools, templates and dashboards you need as a student.

Aesthetic Student Notion Dashboard

Make your friends jealous > create a hub for each semester & ace your goals!

Student's Index

You will get: i. Planner ii. Notes Index iii. Learner's Index (Table/Calendar) iv. Spaced-Repetition(Table/Calendar)

Spaced Repetition Template Pack

Spaced repetition is one of the most effective methods to study and ace examinations.

All five of these templates are available on our Notion Template StoreWe’ve now curated 100+ unique, premium Notion templates on our template marketplace. 

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