Issue #13

Our new product (coming soon), Hustle OS, selling Notion templates, and more.

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Before we get into it, we have an exciting announcement. We’re launching our own product this month – a collection of Zapier automation recipes for indie hackers and no-coders made in Notion! You can join the waitlist here. We think this is going to be a really helpful tool for a lot of Notion users.

Now, the latest in the world of Notion 👇

📓 Template: HUSTLE OS

Hustle OS is a single Notion workspace that will help you launch and grow your hustle. This step-by-step guide by Julian Paul will help you get your product or startup right from the start. Check it out.

🛠️ Tool: Joey

Joey is an awesome add-on to Notion, allowing you to power-up your Notion pages with things like forms, surveys, comments, likes, and more. And they have a free plan! Get started here.

💡 Tip: Turn your Notion workflows into a sellable product!

Lots of people are catching on to the trend of building and selling Notion templates. And one of the best ways to kickstart your Notion template (in addition to launching on Product Hunt) is by getting listing it on Notion template marketplaces like Notionery. If you have a Notion template, you can submit it to our template marketplace here!

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