Issue #3

Notion Tweet, Notion Growth Workspace, and Sequential Tasks

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Tool: Notion Tweet

Minh-Phuc Tran ✨ @phuctm97
👇🏻 Thread to update in public until beta launch. ✦ Notion Tweet brings what you write daily on @NotionHQ to beautiful tweets ✍🏻 ✦ DM or reply to get early access, request features you want, and receive special discounts. #Notion #NoCode #ProductivityNotion TweetTweet 10x faster and more fun with Notion. Write, schedule, and tweet where you’re most

This looks really cool. Tweeting from the peace and quiet of Notion – sign me up!

Template: Notion Growth Workspace

This is one of the best templates on our marketplace – truly jam-packed with valuable knowledge, resources, and tools for startups or side-projects. Check it out here.

Tip: Sequential tasks in Notion

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