Notion For is now Notionery 🎉

Why we joined forces, and what's next

Hey friends!

When we started Notion For last year, we simply wanted to create a place to showcase all of the cool things people were doing with Notion. And one of those things was Mental Models by Notionery. We instantly fell in love with the product.

We’ve been able to get to know the team at Notionery, and we started to notice our visions and roadmaps were complimentary. We’ve decided to join forces and bring Notion For’s template marketplace and Notionery’s premium templates together under one roof:

Together, we’re working to build the #1 premium Notion template marketplace – building, curating, and highlighting only the very best Notion products. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs, students, nonprofit leaders, and everyone in between unlock the full power of Notion.

– The team at Notionery