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8 new Notion templates for freelancing, web development, Airbnb, finances, and more.

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We’re making big changes to our newsletter this week. Long-time subscribers know that our newsletter has always followed a simple format: every week we highlight a Notion template, tool, and tip. But it’s time to say goodbye to that format (you can still access all 17 issues here).

Now, we’re going to highlight all of the templates that we’re added to Notionery each week. We’ve seen a big increase in template submissions on Notionery, and while we’re still very selective about which templates we approve, we’re now adding 5-10 new templates each and every week.

Below are the templates that went live on Notionery this week!

Airbnb Super Pack

Get rid of expensive software, Airbnb Super Pack is a Notion template built for Airbnb hosts. You will have everything in a very effective management space: bookings, calendar events, supplies checklists, and many more. All in one place.

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Notion Finance Tracker

Designed to be beautiful, intuitive and efficient for keeping track of personal incomes, expenses and other financial activities in one place.

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Sponsored: UserBooster

UserBooster is a comprehensive and actionable dashboard to help you launch and leverage every organic acquisition channel.

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Notion Cards

Let your Notion page be your calling card! This is Notion like you've never seen it before - a radically-redesigned, one-page personal profile card that signposts your visitors to all your web activities.

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Mind Garden Template

The Mind Garden template is a set of dashboards geared towards personal knowledge management.

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Free: 100+ Web Dev Resources

Explore a large database of web dev resources and enrich your development skills. Suitable for all levels of programmers.

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Freelancer All-in-One

All the tools needed for freelancers.

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The Ultimate Travel Planner

Plan your trips and holidays with this tool. You will have everything you need in one place.

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All of these templates and many more are available on our Notion Template MarketplaceWe’ve now curated 80+ unique Notion templates to browse and discover. Here’s a list of our best-sellers.

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