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5 new Notion templates for books, life management systems, university, landing pages, and more

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We hope you’re having a great week! Here are all of the new Notion templates we’ve added to our marketplace this week.


Book Tracker

What's included: 

  • Track Your Books & Book Series

  • Reading Progress

  • Authors Database

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Sponsored: Manifest OS

On the heels of the super-popular beta template, Manifest OS offers a holistic, fully functional life management system, built on Notion.


Limitless - Landing Pages

Limitless - Notion Templates are a super fast way to build and share your Notion pages. Our templates give you quick access to pre-built templates for Notion; all of them are editable, beautifully designed, and work with Notion on web or mobile as well as iPad.

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Free: Simple University Templates

Do you need a simple Notion template to organize your life as a student? This is the template for you!

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Ultimate Notion Starter Workspace

Are you new to Notion and hoping to test the waters without investing in an overly complex, expensive template? If so, this template will be perfect for you.

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