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6 new Notion templates for crypto, product, journaling, and content creation

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There are several fun, new Notion templates on our marketplace this week! Here are all of the templates that just went live on Notionery. 👇


Content Creation Made Simple

Your no-BS guide to creating a month's worth of content in minutes for any social media platform to drive sales.

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A premium Notion template that helps bloggers plan, schedule, and create their blog and Pinterest posts in record time.

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Finance & Crypto Tracker

This is not the usual Notion finance tracker that you’d find elsewhere.

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Notion Journal

A complete journaling experience with all the features you need.

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Product OS

A complete Notion workspace for product and tech teams.

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Notion Cover Template

Create a Notion cover for your Notion Page with this template.

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Notion Productivity Dashboard

Easy to use + customize and beginner-friendly.

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We’ve now curated 80+ unique Notion templates to browse and discover on our Notion Template Marketplace. Here’s a list of our best-sellers.

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